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Nutrition Counseling Packages

ABC Nutrition offers a variety of packages to meet your needs. Appointments may be in office, over the phone, or online.
Purchasing a package is the most effective and economical option for long term results. The accountability, consistent contact and ongoing support are a recipe for long term successful results.


This package provides you with the ABC’s of nutrition. This package includes 4 appointment. It includes 1 initial assessment for 1 hour and 3 follow ups for 30 minutes to be used within 2 months of first appoint. ABC Nutrition will conduct a nutrition analysis based on your current eating habits and lifestyle. We will establish long term goals and midterm goals. We will make an in-depth, customized nutrition plan. We take into consideration your goals, lifestyle, work, home conditions and preferences. You will receive food journal analysis and strategies. On-going email support is available in between appointments. This package allows you to learn the basics of nutrition for your personal wellness.

  • This package includes 4 appointments. One initial assessment for 1 hour and 3 follow ups for 30 minutes.


This package allows us to go further in-depth. This This package includes all the ABC Nutrition Package provides as well as a supplement analysis and recommendations. You will also get recipes. Most importantly, you will learn the hows and whys of how to construct a meals and snacks so you can make the best choices while you are out to eat, on vacation, or in unplanned circumstances. On-going email support is available in between appointments.

  • This package includes 7 appointments. One initial assessment for 1 hour and 6 follow ups for 30, to be used within 4 months of the initial appointment.

NUTRITION PACKAGE C – our most recommended package!!

This is the most recommended package. This package includes all that the ABC package and A-Z package provides. You will also choose a Grocery Store Tour* or in-house Pantry Evaluation**. Handouts and additional recipes are available. Most importantly, it allows for us fill up your toolbox as you navigate the ups and downs and the inevitable setbacks of acclimating to a new healthy lifestyle. These setbacks often sabotage one’s efforts. They don’t have to. Give yourself the opportunity to make sustainable changes for your health and wellness.  Learn how to get back on track and sustain/fully commit to your health and wellness journey.

  • This package includes 10 appointments. One initial assessment for 1 hour and 9 follow ups for 30 minutes, to be used within 6 months of the initial appointment.


This package gives existing clients the opportunity to benefit from ongoing appointments and check-ins at an affordable rate. Studies show that ongoing contact and accountability with a dietitian shows an increase rate of sustaining healthier eating habits. This package allows us to develop new meal and snacks options. We also prepare for vacations, special events, or changes to work or your schedule which inevitably arise over time but make eating healthy a challenge. It is ideal for some who finished a larger package or for someone whose insurance limits the number of visits. These are 15-20 minute follow up visits either over the phone or online.

*What is a Grocery Store tour? This is the best way to eliminate confusion and impulse buys as you navigate the store. Take a tour and learn to make the best food choices for your health and wellness.  
**What is a in-home pantry tour? This is the best way to evaluate the food in your home. We will go through your pantry. This is an educational process which helps you learn about healthy food choices and eliminate confusion when choosing packaged and processed foods